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2015-10-27 11:42 am

Ground control to Major Tom...

I removed a whole crapton of people as "friends" mostly because I'm in here so intermittently, and all of the people I removed were also so intermittent. I kept anyone who's updated at all in 2015 (and even 2014, for the most part, unless I couldn't remember who you were - sorry!). There was one friend removal (a dear friend, who I still keep in touch with on Facebook, thank goodness), who I'd hung on to here that hadn't posted since 2006.

It was pretty bittersweet to go poking through profiles and see the last updated dates... oh - and if your last updated date was recent but I couldn't seen any entries after 2012, I assume we are also no longer "friends." :-) It's ok. So much less drama than an LJ unfriending used to be; I guess that's one of the good outcomes of Facebook, or maybe just being an adult.

Anyway, I am still blogging here intermittently. I tried my own domain; that didn't work out so well. A lot of the ephemera goes on Facebook. But now that I'm out from under heavy kid management time, I expect I'll continue to occasionally update because I'm such an external processor. But I am still on Facebook much more.

I hope all of you are well, whether we are still LJ friends or not, and if it was a mistake to remove you and you suddenly come roaring back to life journaling, well... just leave me a note and I'll probably add you back <3
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2006-01-21 11:41 pm

Oh yeah

And one of the forays in Chicago was a trip to the Spice House in Old Towne. It was an accidental discovery, but a very yummy one. Walking in smelled like being inside my mom's pantry.

It had all sorts of spices lining the shelves, from ethnic Chicago blend rubs to vanilla beans that cost $5 apiece. It was pretty, and fun, and made my evening.

Beyond that, we managed to hit Chicago during an actual blizzard and nearly drove into a ditch driving back to Palatine. It was a fun trip. Any trip where you buy crystallized ginger and cacao nibs is a fun trip :)

P.S. [livejournal.com profile] rumblebrumble, you're welcome to try some of the ginger- I know we had a conversation about the difference between pickled sushi ginger and candied ginger, so now you can actually find out what I meant. I <3 candied ginger.